FlaxFlower - Local Interest, Worldwide appeal...

Director - Jane Morrice

Jane Morrice

Jane is a well known face in Northern Ireland. Born in Belfast, she has worked in many challenging fields, including BBC reporting, European diplomacy and Northern Ireland politics. Her most recent post was elected representative and Deputy Speaker of the new Northern Ireland Assembly.

Her desire to change perceptions of her homeland, her eye for originality, her photographic skill and her sense of humour have come together to create a company which combines local interest with worldwide appeal. Aware that most people only see negative images of Northern Ireland, Jane believes the time is right to see what lies behind the headlines.

The Vision

The aim of Flaxflower is to promote a new image of Northern Ireland at home and abroad. The flaxflower is the symbol of a new way forward for Northern Ireland. As the flower of the linen plant, it also represents the rich industrial heritage of the region, the beauty of its landscape, its agricultural wealth and the cultural diversity of its people.

The Product

The launch pad for Flaxflower is a series of postcards, cards and prints of Northern Ireland showing original, contemporary and often quirky images of parts of the province people rarely see.

The web site also contains a vast image bank of pictures from around the region and beyond. Flaxflower also offers a consultancy service for initiatives promoting a positive image of Northern Ireland. These include television and radio production, idea generation and advice and guidance for local product development.

Northern Ireland is going global. Flaxflower aims to help it get there.

"I love the postcards - bring back lots of memories."

Carmen Suro-Bredie (Washington, USA)